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Is this the RETREAT Walkabout ADVENTURE for you? 

How would you like to.........













  • Go beyond conventional retreat concepts into new territory making                                                                                                            unique lifetime experience.

  • Travel within the heart of country without the noise of a 4WD vehicle

  • Trek with expedition camels, get to know them and be part of a trekking team

  • Sunrise in vivid coours of South Flinders Ranges

  • Wedge tail eagle circling overhead

  • Make bonds with the companionship of your camel

  • Share yoga and cameleering spiritual practice together  

  • Water courses and natural springs admidst arid conditions

  • Sleep under the stars on the hearbeat of the Earth and reset your biological clock.


You're in the right place 

Invest heart beats to do something outside the ordinary.

10th to 16th JULY 2016 Yoga Walkabout

 Your heart will open in ways you never imagined

in this time and space for personal insiration

  • Meditation space for you personally

  • Camel bells in the background of absolute stillness. Campfire smoke .

  • Sunrise streaks the eastern sky with a kaleidoscope of desert colours

  • Heart meditations with your camel and a chance to be in camel time.

  • Fun. Laughter. Companionship. Silence. Every trek is one of a kind. 













For Kathleen Kate Wright  on another tour the

Spiritual Adventure Walkabout 2014

was serious fun. To rest, meditate and write and take photos for a book she is publishing on her travels

She had never slept in a swag before:

"My very own version of TRACKS, first read the  National Geographic article n 1977 and                                         KATIE & Camilla

read the book while still in Canada!

and NOW just did the most

fab 5 day yoga camel walkabout in Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia!

with Outback Australian Camels and White Medicine Adventure retreats.

A Profoundly meaningful experience,

I miss the camels so much, especially 'my' girl Camilla.

Thanks Tara, Russell and Mary for your inspirational leadership."   Trekking Beltana Station

Mary says "Thanks Katie for accepting my invitation and it was a pleasure to introduce

you to the art of yoga and camel trekking"



Almerta Station 

White Medicine Cameleers trek

July 2015






















For Lochlann it was all about the camels. 

Almerta Station 2015  

"Thank you soooooooo much

for a life changing experieince. I will never forget it"










Me and Bacai Boy 



" and adventure trekking?'"

To me the answer is simple. Both ask you to leave behind who you think you are and realize uncharted aspects of yourself. 

To do both we must remain open to the present moment and trust our own resources to take the next step. We must also build a nomadic community that works in symbiotic co operation. 

Yoga isn't just about postures on the mat in a studio or on a beach or in a park.

It is about how we live life. It's about finding our passion and having a clear vision to live our Dharma whole heartedly

An hour of power yoga in a hot room or learning to do hand supports in our asana practice gives us a demension of self to explore.

But to embody our identity -the study of yoga- trekking on foot in the wilderness with only our essentials  is a part of doing that. Trekking leaves our mind free to embrace this.

We discover a whole new territory. "    Mary      White Medicine Yoga

Make your own TRACKS 

JULY 2016


"People ask me '"Why .....

"Trekking with Mary wa

FOR LORI trekking ALMERTA 2015

"Trekking with Mary and Russell was life changing for me.  I came to the trek with a constant voice in my head questioning my abilities and always living in the “what if?”.  I left at the end of the week with a  clear head and a greater confidence, having taken the lesson of living in the moment from the beautiful camels and the spirit of the land through which we travelled.  Spending each day practising trekking yoga, and simple meditation through campfire reflection and moments of silence during our walking, really gave me a sense of stillness and peace I have not experienced in years.  My companions on the journey were people I had never met before but were destined to embrace as lifelong friends.  Russell was generous enough to share his camels with us and trust that we would care for these gentle animals as our own, each of them with their own unique personality that seemingly matched our own.  Many thanks to Mary and Russell for being so giving of themselves in organising this trip and caring for us so well. I am keen to go again!”  2015 Trekking Almerta Station Lori Korodaj, ACTs a

"Gentle giants with personalities each their own. Watching and observing their ways in the desert, their ease and slow, steady pace with it all was truly magic. The connection formed between each of us and our own camel is something I don't think any of us will ever forget!  What an amazing journey!”

- Amanda,  2012 trekking Beltana Station Massage Therapist  Riddells Creeks Victoria, Australia  






















FOR FUN this Amazing yoga group from Australian Yoga Retreats who were the first to do yoga on Lake Torrens 2014 were also the first to do a reality yoga camel trek show. I was lucky eough to be part of the event as apprentice cameleer.

Every trek is one of a kind and this is the fun that we got up to.

Enjoy.......                                                            And join us for your one of a kind in 2016 !!!

Amanda and the Camel Connection

The Yoga of Cameleering


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